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At Benedict Pipelines, we are firmly committed to upholding the highest safety standards and exceeding industry standards as well as health, safety and environmental legislation.

The safety of our employees, the community and the environment is of primary concern. A job well done is a job completed safely. Our vision is to provide a work environment free of accidents or damages by using safe equipment and knowledgeable employees.

The safest risk is the one
you didn’t take!


Quality Certifications

Quality Control Manual
Reg# AQP-2170 for ASME B31.3
(This program provides a registered manual with ABSA for facility construction.)
Quality Control Manual
Reg# QCP-0481-0001 for ASME B31.3
(This program provides a registered manual with Saskatchewan for facility construction.)
CWB Certification for CSA Standard W47.1
“Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel”
(Welding, fabrication, installation and maintenance of miscellaneous structural steels for the oil and gas industry)
Quality Assurance Manual for CSAZ662 Oil and Gas Pipeline System
(This program provides a manual for Benedict Pipeline to complete pipeline construction with a record of all quality assurance issues.)

These quality control programs are in place to provide our employees with a guideline that guarantees our clients always receive a superior product. By maintaining a firm commitment to quality control, we ensure the success of both our company and our clients

Benedict Pipeline is committed to quality control and we have two programs to ensure adherence, Quality Assurance Program (CSA pipeline construction), Quality Control Program (B31.3 and Steam Pipelines)

 Continuous monitoring by all staff and our onsite quality personnel ensure our highest quality is sustained.  With our quality programs and our people we will meet and exceed our client’s and regulatory requirements. 

 Benedict supplies continuous support, training and mentoring to our employees, in all aspects of quality and safety.

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